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Introduction to Nepal

Welcome to the land of Himalayas, where the great Lord Buddha was born. Magical and marvelous history embodied in the wonderful legends of this fabulous part of the world set against the stunning backdrop of the world’s highest mountain peaks where two great traditions Hinduism and Buddhism are celebrated side by side. Join our journeys to discover the secret of ancient palaces, fascinating rich culture with stunning and unforgettable monuments. Walk through narrow winding streets, imposing pagoda shrines. Imagine yourself among the incomparable Himalaya at her most magnificent, with glistening white, knife-edged peaks soaring miles high into the bluest of skies, out of plunging gorges. Walking the trails through pine and Bamboo forests, dazzled by splashes of color as rhododendron’s jeweled flowers light your way and unexpected surprises as you awake each day to a new and exciting adventure!

Incentive Information Shangri-La Holidays handles the major share of incentive trvel into Nepal. Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim as it produces innovative packages for corporations and travel industries of France, Italy, Spain, UK, Canada, USA, Switzerland and Germany.
With its backdrop of tall white mountains (dominated by Everest – the world's third pole), Nepal has 2,500 years of culture in gemlike valleys and a myriad collection of 888 temples and palaces that bear silent testimony to the artists and craftsmen that embellished three medieval cities with sunning, unforgettable monuments. We'll walk you through narrow winding streets, imposing pagoda shrines, and show you Hinduism and Buddhism fused together in stone, copper, brass, wood – works of perennial art.
Away from the press of cities, we will take you to where there are swift Himalayan rivers, white – water rivers, and jungles a prowl with the one horned rhino, the rare Royal Bengal tiger, and other exotic species of flora and fauna being preserved against extinction. We organize elephant back safaris to have you revel in the wonders of wilderness.
And there are treks too, timeless trails to traverse the mountains where the air is clean, the view glorious, and the people friendly. We organize treks that take you a step beyond your imaginings. Comfortable tents, modern conveniences and culinary delights. And a staff ready to anticipate needs.
Nepal is a world of its own, and one we know well. Let us unveil it for you.
Here in Nepal, amid the grandeur of lofty peaks that are a wish away, is the valley of Kathmandu. Crowded with the memories of 2500 years of civilization. Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktpur – three cities that glorify the lives of bygone dynasties. Culture that sweeps you from the clamour of festivals to the throng and crowd of bazaars filled with life.
Swift rivers, where the excitement of rafting hurtling rapids overwhelm you. The adventure of discovery, as you heart pumps with adrenaline and you rush past some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.
Then follow us down into jungles where wildlife abounds, where deer and rhinoceros and tiger and just some of the many glories that await you. Elephant safaris take you from many starred jungle resorts into the heart of the wild. Or follow us into the mountains on treks that are tailor – made for you. Easy ones that have you perambulating past the lake Valley of Pokhara where the snows are eternally reflected in the still waters.
More difficult treks up in the Himalayas, where an unchanged way of life awaits you coming imagine an incentive with the Himalayas to awe you, your base of excitement in the luxury of Hotels like the Soaltee, Hyatt, Yak & Yati, and the Shangri-la who have had years of experience of looking after you and your needs.

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